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  • beadie007
    4 posts New member
    Update so players can facescan to play as themselves in madden 20
  • beadie007
    4 posts New member
    Madden 20 on nintendo switch
  • Would really like to see the new Oline abilities and hidden dev traits patched into current franchise modes. Otherwise what was the point if me buying the game before the update?
  • hdh22 wrote: »
    For the franchise player role camera, please have option to be zoomed in behind your defensive player like in madden 19. Versus current camera angle zoomed out to see the entire field

    LOL I literally thought I was the ONLY person asking for this back. There is another person that feels the same way woooo lol.

    Took them till December last year to add it back so I guess we will see this year 😐
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