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Rookies with Hidden trait. Downs played does not progress when actually playing.

Ive played a franchise with a bunch of teams and rookies with the hidden traits with downs played requirements is broken. The downs played go up and down after playing a game and not simulating. The hidden trait i guess will forever be hidden. The downs played don't equate to the downs played in the player card. For example after sim the preseason, about 88 downs played for the player. After actually playing week 1 the number goes to 41 downs played. Makes no sense.


  • Looked into it and this is definitely broken, the downs played do not accumulate. They only reflect for the current game played. For example, week 1 50downs played and week 2 60 downs played. Instead of them being 110 downs played, the most recent week reflects in the player card. So again, instead of 110 downs played it will say 60 downs played and whatever number of downs played in the next week will be the new number. Can anyone else verify this so EA can add a fix.
  • EA why haven't you guys acknowledge this? And how could something so erroneous get pass quality assurance? All QA had to do was play one season of CFM to notice the flaw! This is a clear reflection on how the game has been developed over the last 20 years.
  • This is a big problem and still no update to address this?
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