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Ultimate Team playbooks

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For some reason the only way my playbooks changes on my ultimate team is by changing my jersey, not equipping themes. I had the niners jersey with the bears defensive scheme and still had the niners defensive playbook, but when I changed to bears jerseys, the playbook changed to bears, is anyone else encountering this issue?


  • MAYBE the same issue but I've noticed my playbook (Bears Offense) is for some reason different vs. CPU and in H2H matchups. I prefer the H2H playbook, don't even know if it's the real Bears playbook or not.
  • avashee
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    update, I played a draft champions and now my ultimate team is stuck with the browns playbook (the one I used during draft champions) during challenges, but during head2head I have the playbooks I selected for my team
  • So, still have the same issue where I have two different playbooks -- one for H2H and one for any solo modes. Hope this is fixed in the next update :/
  • Did some tinkering and the playbooks changed, but still 2 separate ones in H2H vs. solos. Seems tied to the jerseys I'm using as visual. Kind of wild this is still an issue.
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