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Keep forgetting to say thanks

Just wanted to let the Devs and Community folks know I was thankful for the changes in Solo battles. They feel much more fair now then when at launch.

I have been meaning to come tell you all but I had 2 neck surgeries and kept forgetting.

Madden 20 is much better then 19. My only real complaints right now

#1 Bring back Gold packs

#2 Training is way to Stingy, it cost a small fortune to upgrade 1 Legend to 91, let alone his chems, x-factors, abilities etc etc. Right now I feel like training is just charging me what I got on my cards in Madden 19 for free (although we can choose now which I appreciate). Training is a great concept, maybe just put it in daily rewards, more solo battles, anytime you purchase a pack etc etc. I know we get more as the year goes on, but the game does not play correctly without having chems on everyone (Looking at you playaction)

Anyways thanks, great job on Madden 20, looking forward to it getting better each week!
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