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[INFORMATION NEEDED] – House Rules connectivity issues

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We’ve recently got some feedback about players getting disconnected in House Rules, we’ve been trying to reproduce this on our end without any luck so far. In order to track down the route cause of this issue we need your help. With that in mind if you are running into this issue please get back to us with the following information:
  • GamerTag/PSN ID:
  • MUT Level:
  • Screenshot of the lineup used:
  • At what point did the disconnect occur:

Ideally if you could share a recording of the disconnect that would be extremely helpful as well.


The Madden Team.


  • MrWRX412
    3 posts New member
    mrwrx412 for pc and im lvl 34 as soon as i connect to house rules it just the background
  • izzo0221
    1 posts New member
    Psn izzo0221 level 25.
    I don't have the disconnect issue. My issue is that wins and losses don't count. Played around 25 games and still shows 1-1
  • Fix the online head to head ranking disappearing its **** only reason I play. It's a known problem they won't address sad day to quit playing my all time favorite game terrible guess I'll never play again so crappy
  • Connect issues trying to grind in seasons tonight but I can’t because of the constant issues
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