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H2H Stats & Previous Opponents

So is Madden 20 going to go through another year of no previous opponent stats or lack of stats working at all when the scout tab is selected and last games with what use to show previous scores from games?

Can someone answer this from EA and at least give a generic response. I think all the fans and support from everyone over the years buying your products deserve at least a response?

Anything really for example... no, gone from the game for now, or yes working on a fix. It's not that much to ask myself and many others would appreciate some resolution to the feature that is not working.


  • Rippers2222
    63 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    Stat keeping, not game play, made me love this game. And I started playing it on Sega Genesis...
  • Yeah seriously. This year is even worse with H2H stats and previous opponent stats. Now I can't even see the last 10 teams I play as. I often like to rotate between a select group of teams, but I can't even keep track of which team I played as last since now that has been taken away. Years ago, you could go and see your opponents tendencies like %run, % pass, %play action. Now that's all gone.
  • I am curious as well.
  • They don't care about H2H. We ain't spending extra $ on packs. H2H & franchise players don't mean anything. Actual football fundamentals don't mean anything anymore. As long as these kids is spending $ on MUT. EA Goin to keep makin madden more & more arcadish.
  • Heres a small bit of fixes from last patch, looks like mut got some stat fixes........H2H nada

    Madden Ultimate Team Updates
    Fixed an issue preventing OVR’s from displaying correctly on the Top Players section of the Lineup Tab
    Fixed an issue causing the ‘Top Players’ to only show their default position
    Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes kick off to begin both halves in some MUT Solo Battles
    Fixed an issue preventing the user from being rewarded the appropriate star when scoring exactly 14 points during a ‘Score more than 14 points’ bonus objective
    Fixed an issue causing ‘Play Next Challenge’ to display the incorrect team
    Fixed an issue causing the left analog stick to lose functionality after entering the ‘Adjust Lineup’ screen and moving through the tabs
    Updated the MUT Squads Leaderboard to display the correct ranks in the ‘Friend Leaderboard’
    Multiple menu & interface improvements
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