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Madden 20 Pros and Cons, so far.

I want to be fair here. I'm getting into this Madden20, there are some things I like, but there are some new problems that really make me wonder why did you guys do that... here we go


1. M20 improved the fluidity of player movement, particularly on offense. For example, WR can turn up field with out a "juke" animation and a complete stop. Players can sprint AND change direction, something 19 could not do. But I have to wonder, didn't we deserve this already. We knew it had to get better, but can this really be the only improvement.
2. Linebacker Interception Omniscience has been scaled back so there is a little more freedom to pass in ways that are not forcibly repetitious, or cheap.

CONS: (in order of most annoying for me for the most part)

1. I've had to hard reboot my XBOX about 6 times, and delete and reinstall my Madden about 20, because the MADDEN keeps falling apart, something about the syncing. Maybe this is just me...
2. MADDEN is now running but feels a little laggy. For example, why am I getting the kick meter bar that moves, with a shimmer, then when I make the kick, TWO kick meter bars show up and its been shanked. I mean, its kicking.
3. CLOCK MANAGEMENT. Guys come on. The NO-HUDDLE has been destroyed. Are you telling me that there was no way to change guys running 40 yards backwards to the line, and it was so embarrassing and unfixable that you went to a cut screen, with a time penalty.... BUT this is the thing, have you guys played the game. I lose the couple seconds it takes to hold Y, then I get the time penalty, then coming out of the fast clock, I cant to anything for a couple seconds. Then I have to audible, flip, hot route whatever, but after the time penalty. for the last 15 years, after the no-huddle is called, I can do all the hot routes as the guys get back to the line. MADDEN 20 No-huddle is secretly "burn clock". I've timed it, its actually faster to just call a new play. Moreover, what, the QB doesn't "sprint" to the line anymore, NOPE. instead we get a lackadaisical QB who cant quite get into position to call for a snap, until he is just so properly positioned.
4. MORE clock errors, more lazy game design. When a user player goes out of bounds under like 8 seconds in a quarter, the clock will stop, but then as you "come out of the huddle" (theoretically, because there is no huddle) the clock can just start back up. NOT REAL, and lazy.
5. SUPER EASY ALL MADDEN GAME PLAY + CPU MUST CHEAT TO WIN.... This a follow up to PRO 2 above. Its like, I'm glad the picks are not so ridiculous, but I'm destroying the CPU from game 1, because I learned how to pass in 19, and 20 is the same exact game except wayyyy stupider DBs and linebackers. I'm destroying LBs over the middle. And now the deep middle is open, everything is open. Honestly, I usually like to have to take my **** when I play a new edition, but not this year. The CPU can only move ball or get stops with ridiculous multi-tip-inceptions or terrible fumbles.
6. Please END CPU INTENTIONAL GROUNDING, please, please, please. Why can the CPU fire a ball into the stands from the pocket. Is there a button for that, nope, I intentionally grounded.
7. You already added "Moments" for people with short attention spans who need quick games or whatever. When CPU comes out for a FG why does it get to decide to slam-run the clock down. I turned that option off, nope still there. Let me think about my TIME OUT. If I don't call a TO in like 3 seconds there's a good chance the CPU runs clock off, strange. doing us no favors.
8. In response to PRO 1 above, better fluidity, often gets canceled on drag routes, by WR slightly working backwards towards the ball, negating the chance for a turn and run. And the CPU just wont let you get that up field, lead pass out of your hands.
9. RPO, Okay, thanks. But we didn't want all the stretch plays to go extinct. So in the RPO, which is usually just a stretch, with a new bubble screen or slant, the player can't come in motion. And the bubble is leading to poor blocking. MOREOVER, the CPU ran disasterous bubble screens in 19 where the guys just stood there waiting to get hit. 20s bubble screens, although the guys will eventually move now, are equally disastrous for the CPU, and now we see them all the time.
10. Playbook adjustments, as mentioned in 9 above, just lazy, unacceptable. Some plays create "route lasers" that cover the entire tv screen, some have no coloring. They're just boring, same exact books from last year, with the subtraction of all the regular stretch plays. Can I have some 5 receiver sets, NO? can I have 5 wide packages. I don't get it. Its always my TE and RB out there in the empty sets (i know except for like 3 formations) PRO TIP, add a playbook designer and YOUR CUSTOMERs will do all the new play work for you. BTW your team based playbooks are just horrible, they don't represent the teams, and most plays are absolute NO GOs and the CPU will destroy you.
11. Players Faces are looking strange in the helmets
12. The spin move goes from OP to dead
13. Lamar Jackson, while one of my favorite players, is simply OP... or maybe this is really how dominant he is. Hes invincible from pocket to open field. A menace on the ground in the red zone, since so many defenders, are just standing there sleeping. Keep purchasing that "strong arm" and your looking at the GOAT... but again I'm okay with it. I missed Mike Vick
14. OVERALL: the RPO thing seems like a "screw you" to fans. Who's idea was it to do all these strange clock things, and strange no huddle. Its as if easy is leading to boring. Little problems, little annoyances start to add up. Its clear how you guys put this game out early this year. Up to 80 or $100 to disgorge the MUT players, shame on you guys. Just patch some rosters into 19... WAIT just patch the rookies.. because you already patched the rosters from 19 into 20 with no changes. Calvin Ridley, got no better in the off-season going in to his second year, or you guys just didn't want to speculate.
15. For goodness sake, just bring up the playbooks in game.. Play the cut scene in the background if you have to... we need the playbooks to play the game, bring them up as fast as you can... I shouldn't have to button mash to get to my playbooks. We need to see the playbooks... which by the way are glitching, disappearing, jumping around all over the place. Wait a second, is this game complete trash?
16. I never want to "hold A" again. B should suffice.

Maybe I'm missing something, maybe I need to adjust more, maybe it gets patched, maybe its time to walk away, i don't know... MADDEN 20 should just change its name to MADDEN ULTIMATE TEAM CARD PACKS MARKET PLACE, the way its really going at the corporate level.

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