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Madden NFL 20 Gridiron Notes: Title Update - August.


  • rikdawg74
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    Any chance Jay Ajayi will be on the game this decade?
  • My main issues with madden 20.
    Pass coverage is good but not good enough. This is for played games and summed games. For example , if I am using a top tier defense and playing a low tier offensive , and I'm picking good plays , coaching adjustments etc. There is no reason why I should have 400+ yards against me. I want the low overalls to be bad. And the high overalls to be good. It doesn't play that way.

    Not only in played games but also sim. I have simmed through ATLEAST 100 season. And every single one of them had a ridiculous number of QBs throwing over 70% on the season. Last year only 2 players threw over 70%. Everytime I sim a season there will be 15-20 players with 70% completion or better. Also , there were only 9 players that averaged over 8 yards per attempt. Everytime i sim to the end of a season , there will be 20+ players with more than 8 yards per attempt. Some even have over 9 yards per attempt which is VERY RARE. So obviously the defense on simmer and played games are lacking. Also , the extremely low overall players have stats like they are 90 overalls. Josh Allen throwing 72% 4,000 yards. C'mon now , he didnt even throw 60% percent last year. Also , scrambling QBs all have HIGH completion percentages at the end of the year. They normally have higher percentages than the high overalls. Prescott , Jackson , Wilson , Trubisky , Allen , Murray( a 73 overall ) will all have over 70%. I have seen Jackson get to 78% a bunch. He will average 9 yards per attempt. I mean c'mon guys, I dont even work for EA and this is obvious. I know there are ways to fix this. So much stuff could make this game better but you do the exact opposite. Its upsetting to people like me, who absolutely love football and games. The gameplay is 90%. But everything else almost mimicks the years past.
  • If the penalties are " based on NFL data ". Why cant gameplay for the simulation players be " based on NFL data " as well? I'll get to the end of my season and Aaron Donald will play over 550 snaps but have 3 sacks. I play on the EA rosters. Default All Madden , SuperStar Abilities on. Not changing or altering anything. I'm using what you give me. These are the stats I get. Good players suck and bad players are great. Cole Beasly leads the receivers every time i do a season with 1400 yards. Probably because Josh Allen is 72% . Julio will have 76 yards after 8 games. Allen Hurns will have 700. I'm not the only person saying these things. If penalties are based on real NFL data then gameplay should too. I'm not saying have the exact same as they did the year before but I'm saying in the ball park area of real life stats. Each year the stats are like the year before. Normally more yards but not an insane amount. Arcade can be for the players who want 1000 yards a game and sim can before the players that want a game of inches. Averaging 5 to 7 yards a play. Not 11 like I get every game. The CPU coverage and the user coverage needs help. I'm using the worst teams and throwing 400+ every game. The CPU is throwing 400+ every game too. I use 12 min with 12 acceleration clock. Averages 100 to 110 plays a game. Which is less than real NFL. And will have an insane amount of yards for CPU and user. Please fix these issues in coming patches. No one cares about superstar abilities. Just make the game play better. That's all everyone wants is BETTER GAME PLAY. You have been making football games for YEARS AND YEARS and still cant get gameplay correct. I'm starting to think yall do this on purpose.
  • handley5
    1 posts New member
    There's a problem in franchise where even though I have accelerated clock turned off it still runs down the play clock to 25 seconds and eats into the game clock if it's run, also causing a 6 second run-off anytime you go no huddle.

    Also, if you could make it possible for RB to be sub into formations and on the depth chart at WR, I can choose to put my QBs in there but not my RBs.

    And finally, being able to make a custom playbook my default playbook in my schemes in franchise so I can make formations subs in the plays that I've chosen myself.

  • In Franchise Mode I've been having problems with the Superstar X-factor not showing up for certain players and that's a big problem.
  • When I recovered a fumble in the endzone and returned it to about midfield, I got tackled and when I started on offense, I got put back on my own 20
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