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Settings Change in MUT (Please Read)

Madden Team,

First let me say this game is better than last year (thanks) but at the same time there are some serious issues that I and others are having. When playing MUT, you have your settings the way you want, e.g., Camera Toggle off, Heat Seeker on, Kick, Against Wind... When you enter a game it works fine, but if the person quits or you quit, your settings completely change 100% of the time. If you complete the game, the settings change every two or three games. This was an issue in Madden 18 and it was fixed in the first patch. It was an issue in Madden 19 and never fixed and now it is in Madden 20. Camera Toggle being ON messes my game play up as I use D Pad up to make adjustments. When it's on, adjustments do not work and I have to use Y. Can you please, please look into this and provide feedback?

Thank you,
Vaako @Mr_Vaako on Twitter
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