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Defense WHAT Defense

Why does it seem like you can only get pressure out of the 3-4 I see plenty of NFL teams play 4-3 and get pressure ..I have M.Garrett & K. Mack as my ends & in 8-9 games get a total of 4 sacks between them I going against KC off. lines they have 1 count them 1 good off. linemen the guy I play against pass the ball 40 times a game if ratings matter how is it my to ends get no pressure they're center/ guard doubles my def.tackle that's one on one for my ends no sacks he's running deep ins and streaks with T.Hill ..with brings me to another thing if man coverage is better in Madden 20 I'm not seeing it I have J.Ramsey D.Ward beat all day in man coverage no picks , 1 pass break up and not just beat beat bad WR Mike Williams Toasting them how is that possible ? then why do the corners follow the WR across the field I"M IN ZONE .. Oh & take press off the game because it doesn't work at all , at all, at all ..period! D.K Metcalf comes in the game beats the press , I have J.Ramsey/ D.Ward ..


  • I agree 100 percent. I only run 4-3 playbooks and it's no pressure at all unless you blitzing someone.

    3-4 is over powered... People get more pressure running 3-4 cover 4 contain with only 3 blitzers then a 4-3 zone blitz.

  • Lmao you get more pressure out of big dime with 3 down linemen and in cover 4 lol
  • Ea man defense needs to be fixed for corners and linebackers. Linebackers needs to stop moving so far back, letting Tight ends be able to get open on drags and short out routes. And also be able to contest out post routes from TE as well. Linebackers should be able to bump the tight ends on in/out posts and depending on how you shade to play it better. Now corners vs bubble screens need to be addressed cause cover 3 shouldn't be the only way to play them. Also, corners getting beat by short in routes and 10 step in routes constantly in press man has to be fixed. Corners getting beat by slants constantly in man press. And curls beating man press a little much.
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