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Companion App Glitch Sold Card - Please Refund!

I had a Jalen Ramsey Power Up card that I purchased for 63,600 coins. I went to view his card and the app froze/glitched and posted to the auction house at the default price of 150 coins. The app was froze, so I couldn't cancel the auction and he was acquired very quickly. This is incredibly upsetting and I would like either the card back or a refund of the 63,600 coins that I originally paid for him.

I have contacted support (my case number is 50381353), but they told me I needed to reach out to the forum. I am happy to provide my email and unique key access as well. You can check my account to prove this out, as the purchase and faulty sale show up in my account history.


  • I just had similar thing happen to me. Purchased Ali Marpet (LG) for around 60k in the auction browser. "Won the auction". Saw the card and even compared him with my lineup. Hit B button to back out. Went into my item binder, and he is nowhere to be seen. Either would like the card or coin back! Worse part about it is that it shows that I won the auction for him under my notification...

    @brianddora let me know if you get yours resolved. If so, would like to know what I should do... THX
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