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X- Factor Boost

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Cmon EA, Madden and MUT supposed to be as realistic as possible, but the X-Factor boost is killing the game. Honestly, the boost is not needed. People are now using that boost as a crazy feature to gain extra yards on the run using a stiff arm...and just doing it over and over. It's actually really silly and unrealistic. I got the tackle in the backfield and will cause the runner to lose big yards, nope, boost throws my 91 Derrick Brooks to the ground like a piece of paper. Its absolutley crazy! I thought Madden 20 was the best sports game of all time, until this boost thing....its killing the game! Hoping they drop an update to remove it or atleast minimize it to once a quarter or something. Cmon EA...you almost had it! Let regular player attributes control the game nit over used boosts.


  • I think EA's entire Madden platform is unstable, so they can't make an changes or the delicate balance is out of whack. We knew from last year, players felt kind of all the same. Rankings really didnt matter too much. Weight, height, momentum, agility, all negligible. Fact is, they cant get the rating to matter, be deep down at the core of the game. The foundation of its coding is completely broken. Why dont WR try to stay in bounds, why will a cpu ball carrier run directly out of bounds. Why does the CPU call a false start on itself if it doesn't like a play its in. Nobody really like the player progression scheme, but they doubled down. X-FACTORS is a like a paint, a costume, to get players to do something different from each other. Some player shave the super power and some don't, that's how they'll get some differentiation. Players weight doesn't matter. The physics are broken, or non existent. But they are two deep down the rabbit hole to create authentic game play. CPU logic is horrific. How can the CPU stay in a pocket for 15 seconds, while a user will always be rushed. I've been tipping passes to other receivers on my time, the instant replays look ridiculous.

    Lamar Jackson was amazing upon the games release.

    EA changes its mind, and now hes a complete scrub.

    Its like his ratings say 94, 95, 95, but hes not allowed to run like that, so its some kind of slow motion paint job.

    I cant believe I'm considering just sticking with '19. The devil I know might be better than the devil i don't
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