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**(Sorry PS4, Madden 20 xbox one exclusive) Madden legends roster ShocksLegends Nearing completion.*

To My fellow Maddenites on Xbox One, Your longest running and most downloaded file in EA History is nearing completion. ShocksLegends the most accurate legends roster, and although Created creations is down, I will look at all request of past players in the nfl who will fit on team roster or be stock piled in free agency, all xbox users have until 9/3/19 to message me requests, "The SHOCKER36", AFTER SUCH DATE I MAY NOT DO DAILY WEEKLY UPDATES. the reason for this is i will no longer be paid by EA Sports at said date. Yes EA Sports PAYS ME TO MAKE LEGENDS ROSTER. so again when creations are back up, check out, download, like/dislike i could care less i get paid for my work. file again is SHOCKSLEGENDS, creator is The SHOCKER36...ONLY FOR XBOX ONE USERS.


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