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New Lamar Jackson: The SUPER NERF

I admit, Lamar Jackson was OP, best player in the game maybe ever, when the game came out. BUT the nerfing I found today was so extreme.

Now he's Quicksand Lamar Jackson, slow, cumbersome, cant get out of the pocket. But my biggest issue is this:

His arm speed is slowed down! I get slowing down the burst, making him containable, but please let me throw the ball away. Now that he moves in slow motion, we have to work extra hard to just toss the ball into the sidelines. Its a strange nerfing, and I haven't seen or heard anything from the Youtube community.

Anyone else dealing with Jackson, or other running QB nerf. Looks like I've got some work to do now, figuring out an entirely new way to play with Lamar, since hes a completely different player now.

To bad EA couldn't nerf just the foot speed, and leave the throwing motion alone.

Another day in that Madden Life

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