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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: April Title update

Check out the Gridiron notes on our title update and share your feedback here

Game issues

Coverages - need fixed bad! Why our corners in 80s getting beat on good coverages against average receivers? Coverages are major issues and very unrealistic. I’m glad the linebackers are limited but come on now everyone is limited it seems like. Even when using good corners and safety’s. Since coverages are an issue there are users resorting to all out blitz’s and that’s almost unstoppable and not realistic.

Fumbling - major issue whether in franchise or face of the franchise. There are times players are fumbling multiple times a game very unrealistic!

Injuries - Ive played multiple games were I lost all runningbacks and fullback multiple games in a row. Or losing other positions. Once again very unrealistic!

Game issue - multiple times I’m playing in a game and an error occurs. I’ve sent error issues with images to PlayStation. It’s almost like your guys Anthem game that was having “error issues”. An error occurs and the game shuts off and has to be restarted. Very annoying!

Game play - can be very unrealistic at times. I understand this is a game but I play this game to have a realistic feeling. There are some major glitches!

User play - I have a face of franchise character. Every time since this update when I go to make a play adjustment for example instead of a receiver doing a curl I’ll change it to a post. Well you know how it zooms out when you do that well yea mine just stays zoomed out ever time as if I’m stuck holding the zoom out button pre snap to look at my play when I’m not. I have the same issue in all other modes as well! Very annoying!

A lot of these issues have occurred after this new update! Besides the injuries, coverages. I play this game a lot and enjoy the game but it’s getting to be very frustrating!
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