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A whole new world, game

This post is an opinion on a whole new way to approach the game & how you guys teach it to the user.

First off face of franchise player grading portion(college championships, combine) was great. I thought the cpu throttled well & fought tooth & nail to make you play your best.

That’s what gave me this idea, a whole new way to look at us & all the info & stats you guys are able to compile & adjust for the cpu accordingly.

So why not you bring customization/your fof style grading to the ultimate level?

As users we may have our favorite teams, copy their schemes, but we’re not them... we still call our own plays, & have slightly different things we do, plus they are paid professionals.

So why not compile some of these stats & tendencies you have on us & create that template, just like in fof.

It’d be like fof for your old head coach game that sprung from how in-depth you guys made franchise the cpl years before, but just as apart of the game. Like online, mut, franchise obviously...

Now granted the idea kind of goes best with my create an expansion team game mode/welcome to game creation bonanza intro moment, but I think it could stand as it own part of the customization & personalization that I think would really drive madden forward for the next decade at least (it is the 21st century the age of personalized services based on the IoT )
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