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DB Press Drill...impossible...broken?

Has anyone ever completed the 'DB Press drill'? First problem...My DB is off the screen and I can't see him to do the press at the line. So I made the camera show all 22...I can see him now tiny. Every time I attempt this drill it always say "wrong press was used" I'm doing what they tell me but the only press that seems to work is the stone press (down on the right stick). what do I have to do to complete this???

Seriously, try it...see if you can even get one done right. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the game is broken. :s


  • I completed it. What I was doing wrong was pushing down on the left stick instead of not touching the left stick and just using the right stick for the press moves, and THEN using the left stick to run with the receiver. It’s tough. Try just using the right stick when the ball is snapped to initiate whatever press they tell you
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  • CallingKDK12
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    In the drill (not the tutorial that comes first) R stick left and right does not trigger the inside and outside press, respectively, for me on the PS4 unless I hold the R stick and then press the L2 trigger right after the snap. Holding R down for the two hold-at-the-line presses does work without the L2 button. In the tutorial, it all works without the L2 button.

    In case that wasn't clear, to press outside, start holding the R stick to the right before the snap, and when the ball is snapped hurry up and press the L2 button. Do the inverse for pressing inside. That works for me every time after a lot of experimentation. Obviously I really wanted to earn all the packs.
  • cdesj12
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    Yeah this is super frustrating. For "inside press" I'm holding he R stick in the correct direction, I get the green checkmark for pressing, push the WR inside, and it just says "incorrect press" every time.

    To be honest, I do exactly the same thing every time and 75% of the time the WR just runs by me, but even when it appears that I'm doing it correctly it doesn't work.
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