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OLineman Update

Hi EA team, how is Ali Marpet the best LG on the game and yet you give him no love or SS trait for Oline blocking? That makes absolutely no sense. Can someone explain that or it isn't that cut and dry.


  • in franchise mode he might be a star but I get what you're saying I don't know who choose the superstars/XF but it's corny and mad inaccurate

    Olineman hasn't never got any love til the update a week ago I mean gameplay over the last few version of Madden just robotic but show respect to the good players not just skilled but the good players I see guys at 80 who should be 68 overall ex Trent brown 78 pff second rated tackle in playoffs should be a 83 lowest guy can play only allowed 9 sacks in 4 yrs 3 last yr with the pats including the playoffs. show these guy a little more love and the skill guys a little less
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