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Fix the AI cheating in Solo Battes!

I have a 90 overall chemed out team. I am sick of playing a 79 team, and someone using a tight end on as a running back and blowing through a 4-4 Defense of 91 and 90's when the tight end is a freaking silver or low gold card. Trick play gaining a few yards is one thing, tight end running 90 yards for a TD and outrunning me entire defense (My WORST backup corner is 89 J. Ramsey the others are Legends and Diamonds maxed to 90).

It is virtually impossible to get a pass off. Play action RARELY works. Throwing a Deep pass is virtually impossible except on the same old crossing routes (that is if your 91 O line can block a gold card from sacking you)

I spend alot of money on this game. So my message is to the devs, fix the AI cheating or I am out this year. This entire game was advertised on ratings making an actual difference, and the only way to beat solo battles on Ultimate is to exploit the game or if it is a level 70 something team.

I am going to be as nice as a I can even though I am lit right now.

PLEASE fix the cheating AI. Fix it when you have the Computer in 3rd and 20 they do not throw to a receiver without a man in sight for a first down or TD everytime.

Slow Tight ends should not be able to outrun a 90 overall team for 90 yards!!!!!!

This has got to change or you are going to loose my ultimate team business.

The AI on my team should perform at Ultimate level also and only user mistakes should burn me.


  • And just to add, it would be nice if you brought basic cheap gold packs back, instead of paying 5k for 1 card. The greed just gets worse every year. And what crazy person is going to spend 150 thousand coins or whatever for a Legend pack?

    Stop the greed. You know we can just create our own characters for free and play franchise mode and you all would loose pushing 1 billion a year?
  • Whatever tweeks you all made server side seem to have helped. Thank you. And sorry I was a bit crazed by that 70 tight end outrunning my entire team right down the middle against a 4-4 for a 90 yard td lol
  • How the ai works in this game, specifically to make it hard or to trigger animations, has been my biggest gripe since before they even thought of creating this game.
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