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Player Traits are broken and this game needs a few years off

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This year's title is by far the worst, i repeat worst title when it comes to a realistic football experience. The new player traits are so over powered and make the game not even fun to the point i am done playing after a month. 2 separate times i was on offense and a saftey or a linebacker individually was able to generate 9, i said 9 fumbles in one game. I dont think that has ever happened before in the history of the NFL. Receivers randomly drop passes in the open. Running backs, if controlled by the AI run straight into linemen to the point where you are looking at maybe 25 yards max running. i play on one step down from all madden too so its not like i am playing on rookie. EA, take a couple years off with madden and fix this broken mess. The player traits could have been something cool, but all you did was spit on hardcore fans and turn this game into a arcade piece of crap. i dont think i will come back to this franchise until the license goes to someone else. All i want is an authentic NFL experience not, hey i have this trait so i can throw a hail mary and no matter what i cant get picked off as a QB. thats not sporty or fun. I have broken enough controllers because of madden 20 screw this i am going to go bring out the old 2k football games.


  • This game is embarrassing and garbage EA is rewarding these garbage players with bad plays throw right into your defenders and they catch the ball but when I throw the ball in there coverage I get picked off there's something really wrong with this game I'm really getting fed up with this game they let these one play wonders spammers get away with everything and when I hit stick the other player I'm playing I can't get a fumble but if they hit stick my players fumble the ball this game needs to be taking off the shelves and re released this game needs major fixing this game was falsely advertised claiming it was bug free glitch free which is a complete lie I'm gonna talk to a few attorneys and see if some legal action can be done with this game I've put up with enough about this game and I don't blame other customers for being upset with this awful game
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