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When is the next patch

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@EAMaddenNFL how long is this gone go on before y’all decide to fix this? How many games do I have to lose because before you guys decide to drop a patch addressing the real issues? Guys throw into coverage and my A.I. sits there, doesn’t move, react to the ball or I’m not able to jump up and defend the pass just lmk I’ll wait. Y’all reward people for making dumb reads. I mean when has it been cool to throw into triple coverage and my db’s Just sit there and the guy I click on who is the closest to the ball, and I’m not able to jump up and defend the ball. I mean how is that playing defense? Because it looks to me like your catering to lesser players. THATS NOT FOOTBALL EA!!! No nfl player just sits there while the ball is being thrown directly in their face. Why do I have to suffer because guys can’t play the game you have to restrict me from playing defense just so someone can throw into triple coverage and catch the ball? Why am I being penalized for playing good defense? But like always, I’m pretty sure the next update will be something dumb pertaining to MUT. I guess if we aren’t spending money on packs & worthless mut cards we people who play online franchise & H2H won’t get listened to. So with that said if that’s how it is, then just do away with online franchise & online H2H because MUT seems to get allow the focus and patch updates. I understand you guys are trying to make the game fun to play, but you don’t have to lower the defensive A.i. just so guys can sit in the pocket with “NO PRESSURE” and throw these dumb passes. And that brings me to this y’all need to do something about these guys who run 20 yards backwards to the sideline and the d-line does not rush them and they are sitting in the pocket for 30-40 seconds that’s not real football. And idk how many times have I rushed the qb and he has tried to run away but for some odd reason he spins around and throws a accurate pass off of his back foot. 😑 what am I playing Madden or NFL street because that’s what they did in NFL street. Also the deep ball release is way too slow by the time the qb has winded his arm up to throw the ball he is sacked it’s too slow. Oh btw I hate the sound when you throw the ball in the game can you remove it. Can we fix the tackling because idk how many times my defense run past the ball carrier and they get big runs or they run away from where the ball carrier is going leaving a gigantic hole in my defense. The defensive mechanics as far as lurking & intercepting the ball needs to be fixed because why are you putting me in a animation where i can’t jump up & defend the ball? I should be able to defend the ball when it’s thrown in my direction. All I see is guys throwing into coverage and getting rewarded with catches and ridiculous td’s. Can you make madden more competitive because right now this is Madden NFL street. Oh yea and can we put pass interference in the game because that seems to be going on a lot in this game as well as face masks & horse collar tackles. I mean they were in the older maddens so why did you go backwards and take them out? Guys are bumping in my WR’s knocking them off their routes constantly and there is no call 🤷🏾‍♂️

1. Tackling
2. Defensive A.I.
3. Zone defense
4. Random fumbles
5. Defensive lurk/ interception mechanics
6. Pass rush when guys drop back 30 yards or run to the sideline.
7. QB deep ball throwing speed
8. Defensive PI, face masks & horse collar penalties

I ask for EA to please fix these things because as of right now this is looking like a NBA 2k year so I’m telling you, Mark my words if these things aren’t addressed by the time 2k drops Friday, your going to lose a lot of people who truly love madden because honestly this year it’s complete 🗑 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑
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  • I feel your pain. I was playing a guy who throw a corner route from slot with Odell Beckham. I knew it was coming. I had Byron Jones in man playing outside overtop and I was Jaylon Smith. I literally had body contact with OBJ underneath him with Bryon Jones up. He was Sandwiched in double coverage and Madden animations kick in for OBJ but both my defenders does nothing in perfect position to deflect or intercept the ball. I make perfect read and play but the other guy gets rewarded for making a terrible read. I just turn game off, no need to get mad any more with EA Madden, it's expected smh...

    I bet ya there was at least 1,000+ controller broke from Madden 19 lol
  • Lol & what about a dB 10 yrds behind your wr. Jumping thru him for an INT. Or having the dB actually push your wr out the way for an INT. Smh.
  • Yea that’s crazy I thought I was the only one who noticed that db’s are pushing the WR’s out of the way to pick the ball or tackling them before before they go for the ball. We have all seen this thing that guys are doing constantly bumping the receivers that’s pass interference why isn’t that in the game like seriously u can’t bump my wr 10 yards out that’s crazy but I run rpo & I get a penalty every time for having a illegal receiver down the field. Why is it that you throw good passes & they get picked or broken up or the WR’s drop the ball but throw into coverage they are rewarded with a catch or a possible td? How long is it before you fix the A.I because this is the dumbest A.I I’ve ever seen they literally just stand there and don’t react until it’s too late. EA shouldn’t make offense more over powered than defense that’s not Football
  • Wow my issue is the opposite. How about DB’s just standing there and watching the ball go right by them to the receiver?
  • Game is so stupid now. It was better at launch. Pass rush is nerfed. Safeties and corners just watch as passes are caught. This is not football.
  • Game is so stupid now. It was better at launch. Pass rush is nerfed. Safeties and corners just watch as passes are caught. This is not football.

    Yeah pass rush was perfect at launch. I could actually use 4-3 and play zone coverage. Now I get no pressure and it exposes zone defense. Its funny they say they were not going to change the Pass Rush but now mysteriously there's no pressure unless they in 3-4 Defense smh
  • coopabad wrote: »
    Lol & what about a dB 10 yrds behind your wr. Jumping thru him for an INT. Or having the dB actually push your wr out the way for an INT. Smh.

    Yeah this is my biggest problem fumbles happen but it's so hard to get a int in real life but in Madden the DB has the first step on the ball the linebacker user lurk is op you just get random animation catches the defense should never have hands how Madden displays it
  • They do these stupid calculations where they determine the average points scored per game. If teams aren't scoring enough then that means to them that the game isn't fun enough. Next update, defense gets dialed back so more "fun" can be had. 40 point games left and right now. Trash.
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