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Thoughts on Franchise

These game modes gave me some great ideas.

Let’s start off with coach because a) you used to have a game called head coach which sprung from how in-depth your franchise mode used to be. B) I’ve already gone in-depth at the focus on total control over players for more seamless interaction.

What if you guys brought coordinators back as a way to grow the users into more complete play callers...

Which leads me into another part of this mode. Our playbooks. What if part of the mode is you building our playbooks with us, as we play & defining our styles of play/archetypes of positions, schemes, etc?

Not to digress into another post, but I think this style of customization leads to an “expansion team” mode. You’ll have to clean up “owner” as well, & tweak the control each level has.

This dynamic of owner, hc, coordinator, player come into conflict naturally which can provide customization.

Owner controls the overall organization, different owners will have different philosophies and expectations. The pressures they put on coaches is immense!

Why not as part of creating different difficulties you have these “scenarios” for the coaching jobs?

Hard coaching job: maybe most leniency? Team in re-build mode. Now this could be a team already in re-build mode, but what about the cpu owner putting a team into rebuild mode & bringing you in?

Or maybe they want to walk in to a good situation with high expectations & be expected to make very little roster moves...

Maybe it’s a bubble team & your tweaks are all they’re missing.

Whatever the scenario is, we should be able to come in & feel the control!

How do we know what players/what positions we look for without having you out us through a “trainer/creation mode?”

In real life this is something defined by the coaching tree, in madden maybe we play with our favorite team, or maybe we’ve played madden enough we have our own little style way to attack the run & pass with limited substitutions.

Adding in an aspect where we not only get to scroll & select archetypes on a menu, but get on the field & test things out because maybe the cpu sees something we don’t.

As a HC/DC you’ll need to choose a front, 3-4/4-3/hybrid, this defines the players you’ll need/how you prioritize them. (Which breaches the subject of players positioning in different defenses & a more concrete way of defining position archetypes that allows this fluidity)

The addition of the archetypes this year & all the little mini xfactor things is awesome. Customization really allows different players to take shape, which is why I think progressing this area will help with the problem of animations in the future.

So as a player or a coach what about drills/practices/mini-games to earn or try to change some of the players skills?

Want to focus on a wr to make sideline catches? Sideline catching drills, & these can have temporary or permanent boosts.

Give us decisions to make whether it be what to focus on for ourselves as players, or from the coaches/mgmt POV.
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