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Play count resetting on Rookie players

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There is a bug or visual error with play count on Rookies. Have 3 Rookies with Hidden Talent played over 250 downs on each of them. Preseason and Regular Season included. Now week 3 comes along and all 3 players have been reset to 50 plays.

Can you please take a look at this too?


  • This has a serious effect on the development of my team and needs to be patched ASAP. Every week the snaps reset. I have 5 superstar rookies with over 500 snaps that are not developing like they should. Let's handle this accordingly EA!
  • No patch on this is coming anytime soon. However, I found the go around. Unfortunately, it calls for a complete uninstall of the game, I mean wiping out all saved data, and starting from the very beginning. So, once the game is installed, (AGAIN) you've selected your team, and the window pops up asking if you want the pre-season roster or updated roster. CLICK, the pre-season roster. I did this and the counter for MLB, Devon Bush, is working fine. OK, that, sadly is the only way to fix it.
  • jmh3707
    1 posts New member
    Do you think this will work for an Online Franchise?
  • Mine are fine but they don’t count normally. I feel like there may be something monitoring his realistic snaps based on ovr or something
  • I've had rookies get the x factor trait right after the preseason while another one the counter never moved.
  • sslinkzss
    46 posts Member
    edited September 2019
    Man they has "fixed" this issue with the first patch but it was all bullcrap it's still happening! Also I've hat the xfactor trait pop up when I click the player like his play count is finish but he does not have the X under him in game and if I do what is asked it never trigger anything... also I unlocked an xfactor for DK Metcalf an i get 20 yard passes with him but none seem to count to activate the double me xfactor... sucks huge ones man very upsetting bug
  • Ok, I agree with every person above! This is tiresome really... The game has been out since July. The down counters have been a problem ever since. Maybe instead of a July release try a December release to go ahead and fix the bugs that won't be fixed for months on end... The biggest addition to the game is X-Factor Development, so is my Rookie an X-Factor can't find out because it keeps resetting. This has to be fixed... already had a few seasons shot down the drain because my rookies can't get better. Is the game even worth buying when the biggest addition isn't 100% usable???
  • I got the same problem, it seems to progress right for 3/5 rookies but the other 2 just stay at 0 even though 1 of them is a starter.
  • I've had the same problem, had to do a complete uninstall, reinstall the game, and when the choose roster pops up, the trick is to click on pre-season roster. That's not all. Now, when the franchise opening screen comes on and it has the adjust lineup/player banner that has the number of players in the roster/depth chart: 53/53. That's not working properly either. Others are having both problems, I personally talked with a rep at EA, and all I get is same lingo, some with a different accent, "we'll file the case number, and they're aware of the problem and they're working on it. UGH HUH, and I'm the king of England.
  • Same Problems here...It´s frustrating.
  • SirD25
    3 posts New member
    Hoping they fix this with the next patch/title update. So far, I've only seen that they're doing maintenance tomorrow for MUT stuff :|
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