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Madden Ultimate Team 10 Mike Vick Power Up Update

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edited September 2019
Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

We wanted to provide some clarification regarding how Power Ups work in relation to Tier 3 and X-Factor Abilities. We worked with the MUT Development Team to help you understand how Training works when it comes to Power Ups and X-Factors and Superstar Abilities.

"Our design philosophy at the beginning of the year when it involved X-Factors and Superstar Abilities for Power Ups was that you could not just use Training to unlock Tier 3 Ability Slots and X-Factors. In order to activate Tier 3 Ability Slots and X-Factors Abilities, you would need to use the appropriate item to complete the upgrade."

Please feel free to provide your feedback as the community team will monitor your questions and concerns.

The Madden Ultimate Team
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