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How does auto-subs work?

I’ve alwags thought it’d be cool to sub a lot of players at positions you’re weak/young in but I don’t get it.

First of all if you sub someone in, you gotta sub someone out so I’m having trouble understanding how the sub in is higher than the sub out?

& there’s no help or explanation, which unfortunately is frequent in a lot of legacy madden features


  • Sub out is the percentage of energy the player has to get down to before he's replaced. Sub in is the energy he has to get to before he goes back in. I usually set by d-line and RBs to 97 out and 94 in. Depending on the starter's stamina, the backups get a reasonable number of plays, although generally not as much as in real life. You can also use different packages, or formation subs. For example, use backup HB is I pro and Singleback Ace and leave it for the rest.
  • Woah! Energy?!?! That’s neat. Thanks for your help
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