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Franchise Rookie Development Traits Still....

This is tiresome really... The game has been out since July. The down counters have been a problem ever since. Maybe instead of a July release try a December release to go ahead and fix the bugs that won't be fixed for months on end... The biggest addition to the game is X-Factor Development, so is my Rookie an X-Factor can't find out because it keeps resetting. This has to be fixed... already had a few seasons shot down the drain because my rookies can't get better. Is the game even worth buying when the biggest addition isn't 100% usable??? I have played this one since Beta, I have played Madden ever season since 2005. Finally a few seasons ago we got some of the features we used to have back then, now the new features that hadn't been seen before aren't even usable!! Could be my last Madden for awhile... maybe when 2k makes an NFL game again I'll play a football game again...


  • I hear you.... The fact that the development trait when hidden never is usable is crazy. Sad actually, can't really get into playing franchise games until its fixed. Also the kicking meter disappearing the the 4th qtr is still a huge huge issue. This will unfortunately will be my last madden for a while as well. I used to play madden from madden 95 till about 2006. stopped then picked it back up in 2017. Have been very disappointed with the game glitches and bugs thus far. So like i said, another hiatus may be required.
  • SirD25
    3 posts New member
    Frustrating, holding off on Franchise until it gets patched. Whenever that may be...
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