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Time to check the greed Devs.

As the Title says, to get just 1 kick off Master card, and the 12 token random team, it is pushing 250 dollars in real money spent.

A person would need to spend pushing $1,000 to get all 4. Greed is getting way out of hand Devs. As someone who spends tens of thousands of dollars on Madden annually I am getting sick of it. I cannot imagine how horrible of an experience it must be for kids or normal people to play considering you get maybe 20 tokens from challenges?

And the new way you are doing Limited Cards this year, is even more greedy. I bet I have spent 5-6 thousand dollars on Ultimate Team already, well over 3k packs opened, Kurt Warner at QB etc etc and I have not saw 1 Limited Card. Having to wait an entire series to have the possibility to get a limited player such as John Randle really stinks. At least last year we could pay insane amount of training 2-3 weeks later and get the card upgrade.

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