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Incomplete Catch Ruled A Touchdown Via Official Review

Console: Xbox One
Date of Issue: 9/15/2019
Game Mode: Play Now

In the video link below from YouTube, I show you what happened. The basic story is, a throw to the end zone was incomplete within the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter in a simulated game between CPU/AI opponents. After the pass was ruled incomplete, there was an official review. That review overturned the incompletion and instead ruled it a touchdown. Once you see the play you will understand how egregious this reversal was. Even the game stats were all messed up after the game as I demonstrate in the video.

See the video evidence here: https://youtu.be/UxtPXIqaVng


  • WOW! I thought my video with 3 incomplete passes called complete at the sidelines to give my opponent 56 yards in the final 0:19 seconds was bad. Yours take the cake.

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