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DB early reactions

Multiple times when I run plays like Z spot which has my wide out doing a 10 and out route, The corner will jump the route before my receiver has even turned into it. Watching replays I see their head whip around a split second before my reciever begins to break down. It makes it impossible to make a read on this route dependably because you are reading the positioning of the DB and want to throw the ball right at the receivers break so the DB cant react in time. I've had other routes with this issue but those put breaking routes seem to be the worst and make the game play worse


  • whenever i throw an out route i make sure that if i do indeed throw it that the corner has inside leverage on the receiver. If he is not running on the inside of your receiver while the route is developing then 98% of the time it will be either swatted down or intercepted. If you are noticing this frequently then i would recommend adjusting the sliders a bit to stop the OP defenders. I have also noticed problems with this on many routes and the only way to combat it is to adjust the gameplay sliders. Hopefully one of these years the game will actually just play how its suppose to. But i wouldn't hold my breath.
  • I've noticed that if the CB is plying press overage, out routes don't work for me.
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