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Big X-Factor Problem!

I have tried to reach out to multiple people on this matter. Whether it was here in the forums, on EA answers, twitter, email.. and every time i get no response. I would even welcome an answer telling me that they wont fix it at this point because I'm so sick of no response from ANYONE. When this game came out on the beta, the earlier release for EA Access, and the early release at the end of July the running game was phenomenal, i was blown away at how well the running backs were playing. I mean i was seeing jukes, spins, hurdles and trucking! It was such a change from Madden 19 that i for once was happy about the new game. I play in a big league where its CPU vs. CPU game play so these CPU controlled ball carriers were the ones putting on the show in my league.

Then you guys patched the CPU Quarterback from dropping back 20 yards and taking a sack... and ever since that patch update. patch 1.11. All of the ball carrier moves are gone... we are right back to the same thing that Madden 19 had, no moves at all. All they do is just run into the pile. The reason that i find this to be so ridiculous is because your BIGGEST selling point this year was the amazing "X-Factors" and how they were going to turn these players into unique players and showcase their abilities. Well now they are all the same again, there is no difference between my 65 ovr running back with no abilities and my 91 ovr with juke box, spin and leap frog abilities... Not to mention his First One Free X-Factor. I can run them in my game which is CPU vs. CPU and i can get the same exact outcome. Find the hole, hit it, and run into the first defender. In my first few streams I could easily tell when my X-Factor runner was in the game. He would juke a defender and make him look absolutely silly out there and then take it the distance.

I also know that i will get crap for my style of play. "the game is intended to be played", "if you play with them you can use the moves"... blah blah blah. Aside from this being a major issue because of my play style, this is a major problem for ANY franchise player. I like my Franchise to be as immersive and realistic as possible. So when i get into a game against a guy like Saquon Barkley or Alvin Kamara I expect to have a hard time containing them. This is why the X-Factors even exist in the first place. Right? So is there any plan on doing something about this? Can you please just undo the thing you did to stop the CPU QB dropping back? It seems like that is the thing that changed the game and this isn't just a small problem, your biggest selling point of this title is X-Factors and your players aren't even using them. I could go on and on about all of the little problems in the game but this one is the one that really grinds my gears.

The only other thing that I am going to bring up briefly is the broadcast of the game. We have been screaming at you guys for years to bring us some sort of context in our franchise, something that can help us become immersed like you say your product is... Then you take out the in between the play graphics and sideline cameras? you rush us up to the line and just take however much time off the clock as you think is appropriate? How does that even remotely say anything about being immersive? I can totally agree with having that in online H2H or MUT, those guys are just trying to play a bunch of games, I'm not upset with that at all. But why in the world would you take that away from us franchise guys? Why can't we get any type of stuff? Is our money not green? do we somehow not pay you for your product every year to get continuously ignored for what we want? Who were all the people buying your games before you went all in on MUT? pretty sure it was us franchise people, we have been here since day 1 yet we get treated like the red headed step child asking for seconds at the dinner table.

Its just ridiculous how things have gone lately, some of this post is about my current, in the moment problems with Madden 20. But as I'm sure you can tell.. some of this is also just pent up frustration, anger and flat out disappointment with how this company has treated its longest customers. Yeah MUT might make you more money right now and is a high priority from a business standpoint. But us franchise people have been here the whole time asking for small improvements and have been shut down every time. What you gonna do when the government bans your micro-transactions? Its starting to happen already in some parts of the world. If that happens guess who you will have to rely on to support your game? You guessed it, the ones that have been here the whole time.... the franchise players.

I didn't want to write an essay but the regular messages I have tried get no answer.


  • This is an excellent post. Us franchise guys need something better than this. Madden 20 already is getting boring to play and it's barely been over a month. IT'S LITERALLY THE SAME GAME ALMOST! Creativity with customization and immersion would solve the problem. But no, we get a copy and paste game with minor changes and old comeback additions every year smh.
  • Exactly, the fact that the old games had a lot of the things that we are asking for now is a whole other topic. If they could do it in 2005 then why in the world do we not get it in 2019??
  • Also i should add. If anyone wants proof of this in the game i have video streams from before the patch and after the patch. I would just have to trim the videos because they are an hour each @EA_Roger @EA_David @NatureBoy2323
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