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Bills Rankings

So Bills dropped to 11 in power rankings. And sit at 78 OVR? Does any Madden personnel actually follow the team? Josh Allen is second in the league in QB rushing yards. And yet somehow Watson, Jackson, Mahommes and probably most of the "pocket" quarterbacks are somehow faster? I don't get it. I guess its a "set it and forget it" type of deal. At least the Bills ranking is ahead of Fish. Hopefully Bills can pull off six wins in a row to get up to 79.


  • Yeah the Bills defense is a top NFL unit, yet the players are terribly underrated. Madden's rating of Bills players is an ongoing joke.
  • Can we get this thread followed, liked or what ever the hell else we need to do...I have been a Bills Fan my whole life, only team I use on Madden. I have normally been completely satisfied with our sub par team in the game...I however have been a little bummed on how the team is horribly underrated the last couple weeks of the season ( Week 3/4/5). Step it up Madden, give the true Madden Jockeys a chance to play with a team that actually is rated to it's skill/potential. If you wish to have STATS be based off of production/performance in a realistic mannner then step up and make it happen for us. FOR ALL TEAMS
  • They did their ratings adjustments today. Funny, they give no love to the Bills. No matter how many wins or how well we play, nothing. Their ratings adjustments are garbage. Oh, they finally added Duke Williams to the game. Funny a guy can lead the CFL as a WR, move to the NFL, get on a 53, score a TD, and not have a picture. I've gotten Madden every year since '98 and I'm getting to the point where this may be my last Madden purchase. So tired of their horrid ratings and regression in OFFLINE user experience. There are those of us who live in places like Idaho, where we're lucky to get 5 mb/s internet speeds...
  • Total Defense:
  • Passing Defense
  • Rushing Defense
  • 13 Defenses higher OVR than Buffalo (81): Browns (83), Cowboys (83), Eagles (83), Jets (83), Jaguars (84), Lions (83), Panthers (83), Patriots (84), Ravens (83), Saints (83), Seahawks (83), Vikings (83), Bears (85)

    8 Defenses w/ same OVR as Buffalo (81): Broncos, Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons, Rams, Steelers, Texans, Titans

    WHY is Buffalo ranked so poorly?
  • Glad to see nothing was done about this again... smh...
  • This is beyond pathetic. Since taking over for Harry, Jordan Phillips has made big impacts 3 of the last 4 games and they were kind enough to move his rating from 65-68 over the course of the season. EA is a joke. Bills were #2 defense last year and top 5 in every major category this year yet we’re rated as average? I get it, our offense is not mature(Although our o-line needs some love) but the defense is lights out at every level. Hire some actual football experts that understand metrics. The programmers running Madden don’t know squat about rating players. Those idiots are completely unwillingly to admit their ratings at the beginning of the year are way off on some players. This benefits some and kills others. Don’t you employee at least one person who follows each team and can give semi accurate feedback on players??? On another note, the gameplay freaking sucks. The fumbling... OMG... what the hell happened to you Madden? Don’t over complicate things! It’s stupid! Your most loyal players have been playing for 10+ years. I’m a grown ❤️❤️❤️❤️ man. I don’t have the time to try to learn stupid nuances year in and year out. Stop being “cute”. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Then maybe you’ll have more time to pay attention to accurate ratings.
  • Agree with BuffaloBaird. I think this will be my last Madden. They've gotten so obsessed with turning a quick buck the game has gone to trash. Since the last update like 2 out of 3 games I start the kicking wheel just disappears, or the pause menu stops working and the play selection boxes disappear. The roster ratings appeal to large market franchises. It's just a joke and a shell of the game it used to be. Been buying Madden since 1998, and I think I'm done. I'd say EA should spend some time thinking about non online players but they wouldn't give a rat's a**. We're less money to them, so eff it. I'll stop buying their game and prove them right. One day they will lose the exclusive rights and we will all be able to celebrate the creation of a decent NFL game.
  • True that. They ratings guys are probably all incels with no experience in sports. They are all obviously biased and probably all are band wagon fans.
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