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No points for Solo Battles.

So I just played my 3rd solo battle for the week, against the 85 team on the far left. I beat them, and then afterwards it said "Ea Server is working on your request, estimated wait time is 1 minute" or something like that, and I still have not gotten the point for a WIn or loss for that matter, but the game is checked off as played.


  • (PS4 btw)
  • An update my Battle score rose only 3k. And under the team it says DNF but says +14,410 points.
  • I won first 2 Solo Battles on Ultimate so you can see it is stuck at 46k and gave me a DNF even though I did (I played the 85 on MVP hence the 14,410 score)
  • qrbyqfnlklgd.jpg
    Same thing happened to me after I played the chiefs battle shows my points which was 24830 but got a DNF and no battle score for that game ps4 also...so do we lose out on our games or how is this gonna be made right??
  • I played two Solo Battle Games. I finished and won both, Did not receive the points for them. It says DNF and shows the points I earned above but did not go into my overall total. I contacted EA but they said they can't change this. Messed Up!!
  • Same thing happened to me. Stupid!!!
  • Any word on this mods/devs?
  • Has anything been said about this. I’m having the same issues.
  • My score says 60,705 but it should be 83,071
  • And what if this problem knocks someone out of top 100 rewards???
  • This knocked me out of Ultimate awards along with a local power surge that reset my PS4......Can you all please for heavens sake make a autosave for solo battles like NBA2k has for games for when this happens? I know you don't want people resetting when they go down a score, but if you have it save it won't matter. In the end you are hurting those of us who play your game without cheating or running field goal defenses to make the top 100 (And btw not getting a TD back this year at UItimate is really lame, the awards for Ultimate was much better last year)

    I would not care about this but this is the only way for me to get trophies for Madden upgrades
  • I mean you all do realize that virtually every one of these so called "top 100" are exploiting the game to get there right? Literally watched guys sit in Field goal defense formations to make the AI QB throw to a WR and he would intercept it everytime with Tillman.

    You are rewarding the exploiters of your game while cutting the benefits and rewards from your customers who reach Ultimate without exploiting.
  • Solo battle rewards are for cheaters, glitchers.
    we are some victims we need to PAY for WIN
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