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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: April Title update

Check out the Gridiron notes on our title update and share your feedback here

Madden NFL 20 Title Update - October.


  • Please please fix Franchise make it where you want to play out the full 30 years again. The last madden I remember wanting to play like that was Madden 12. This is what it had and things needed Incase you guys forgot:

    1) Career stats that matter! Nothing better than drafting a player watching him retired and get into Hall of fame.

    2) Career stats for coaches too

    3) HC and assistants that made a difference.

    4) Immersion!! Drafted players on offense and DEFENSE had their names said by announcers

    5) Create a team full control!

    6) Should be able to play players at any position so important in today’s NFL. Example Saints QB Hill

    7) Create plays!

    8) Better commentary. Say more custom names have a name data bank. Better play by play announcers like in real life. Example Smith in motion out of backfield

    9) Better progression logic. Sleepers. Guys who in year 3 show up to camp going from 65 overall to 80. How many times we see a guy in Year 1 or 2 in NFL look like a bust or Undrafted free agent bounce around than become a star. If a guy is 70 overall and makes Probowl he shouldn’t just get 1 or 2 upgrade points.

    I know Franchise is not the money maker for you guys but die hard Franchise fans are willing to pay for it so go ahead tie in your madden coins if you do it right. Or make Franchise mode a separate game, do something just bring it back life it’s so disappointing every year.
  • Any chance in the future you can allow us to use our Franchise roster offline? Also, the passing game used to be fun but after the past updates, it's a struggle to complete passes against DB's that are over-reactive. I actually enjoy being able to run the ball more but taking away the passing game has made this game a drag to play. Hopefully the next update will address that.
  • I’ve come across two issues.

    1. The stadium that hosts the Super Bowl has the host team’s logo at the 50 yard line which is just an eye sore
    2. The X-Factor Database feature doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m in a franchise mode that was made prior to the update and when I click on the X-Factor Database tab, I’m brought back to the main menu with an error. Has anyone else come across this?

    Other than that, this update made some good improvements, such as the kicking meter issue getting fixed.
  • This October update did great job tuning pass defense logic,but a lot of bad players don't like realistic defense because they don't know how to execute realistic play calling they want to be able to run the same couple plays all game

    The one thing that was destroyed this last update was the hit stick no hits at all EA sports have to stop listening to the horrible barely novice players that can't execute against realistic NFL defense. you have to keep Madden realistic on both sides of ball every aspect of game, that way you know who the real players are

    Another thing that must be addressed that I can't believe haven't been is the terrible pursuit vs the run.Players don't react like NFL players vs run at all.

    The run game is on point keep it way it is just straighten up the run defense it's almost like running against Pee-wee's sometimes com on EA y'all are much better than that quit tuning the game for the weak players keep REAL NFL
  • Please take away edit ratings in franchise it's not franchise if you can edit ratings you can turn a 50 year old RB speed to 99 on franchise mode
  • Please present online opponents played history, rankings and record.It be nice to know what your online opponents are ranked again
  • This is huge one please bring back classic teams and have actual historical players liking
  • Hi Madden, if you could reach me I been unable to play pro bowl on my franchise mode and went to help ea and the guy I talked to sent me here so I was wondering how you can help me. Hopefully you see this
  • Hi Madden, if you could reach me I been unable to play pro bowl on my franchise mode and went to help ea and the guy I talked to sent me here so I was wondering how you can help me. Hopefully you see this
    If your team makes the super bowl or if none of your players make the pro bowl you can’t play the pro bowl just like in the real NFL but you not missing nothing the pro bowl sucks
  • Gbobb25
    1 posts New member
    Why does Lamar Jackson fumble with every hit? I mean he will fumble off a shoe string tackle. He has zero fumbles all year.
  • Online CFM ISSUE!

    Having an issue with my online CFM. One of my users has not been able to pick a play when trailing late in 4th quarter with under 1 minute. It’s happened to him twice both times he was losing late in the game starting his drive somewhere around his 20 yard line. Both games he got sacked trying to go for a deep ball then calls timeout. On the ensuing plays he can’t pick a play and keeps getting called for delay of game. Please take a look at this issue. I’ve included links to both YouTube streams the 1st game it happens 59 minutes and 44 seconds into his stream. 2nd game it happened at 52 minutes and 41 seconds into the stream.

    FEBREZEY’s Live PS4 Broadcast vs loins BC

    FEBREZEY’s Live PS4 Broadcast vs panthers BC
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