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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: April Title update

Check out the Gridiron notes on our title update and share your feedback here

Madden NFL 20 Title Update - October.



  • for playoff content in Franchise mode is there way to hav notification that your user team has won there respective division?? (If in fact, they win the division championship), can this be included in a new update of Madden 20??? Example, NFC West Division Champion, etc...
  • Lambeau leap needs to be in game
  • I have been unable to play game because when I go to an event the field and stands are showing however no players or fans or showing. The football is showing
  • I am so mad with this latest update. I had sprinter maxed out on my whole team and most of my guys had 3 abilities after this update EA took it off all my players as if I never bought it and I got pictures of it and abilities. I work hard to have that on my team how can EA take it off my team I didn't cheat I work hard to have that on my team. Its horrible to get ROBBED like that because an update.
  • Yeah I’m not playing until my training refunded, hopefully it’ll be soon.
  • I lost all of my sprinters too!!!! This update stripped all of my upgrades!!! Wow........
  • Can we edit superstar x factors for offline play? Kind of strange how we can't customize the game how we want to for offline play. I can create a michael vick but hes slow because he cant get escape artist so can we have that ultimate customization please.

    It would also be cool if we were able to export certain players from franchise mode or any roster in general. Just a thought because were able to do that in nba 2k and mlb the show
  • Gaboy1583 wrote: »
    Overall Game play has been ok, still think the game has become overly patch, can't please every one. I just hope I receive my training refund for the two secure protector, abilities that I bought for two players that didn't work.

    No such thing as being over patched
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