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Franchise Uptade

Does the new update have anything for franchise mode and Face of Franchise?


  • Is it possible to add the Raiders move to Las Vegas in franchise mode for the 20 season without doing it manually? I’m
  • Adding player holdouts to franchise mode
  • Adding trade and release requests to franchise mode
  • What does Holdouts mean?

    Sorry, I'm french...

    we can already trade in franchise mode ...
    do you mean in face of franchise mode?
  • Player holdouts, when a player isn’t happy with his contract the can holdout while asking for a contract that is suitable for them
  • No player request to get traded ,released in franchise mode
  • IDK I hope so but I am unable to get the two new x factor abilities in my franchise at all, anyone know why?

    Another thing that's been bothering me is the inability to edit Superstar and X-factor Superstar traits as a coach or owner in the franchise mode has single-handedly become one of the most annoying things I have ever had to deal with on the game. It seems the traits are completely random, I have a QB with 96 overall speed but when he runs or scrambles he is slower than 90% of the defenses, he is an x-factor trait player but none of his abilities, besides jukebox, work with his play style. If I could edit his superstar abilities and make it so he could actually scramble, that would be perfect. The point of a CUSTOM franchise is to be able to customize it!
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