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Why Do QBs Throw Straight To Defenders?????

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I get that quarterbacks will be inaccurate. No one is perfect. But COME ON!!!!!!!! Where ever there is an inaccurate pass its the same thing every time. It doesn't matter if its Dre Bress, Mitch Tribisky, or Colt Mccoy. Every time they miss the receiver by 4+ yards. No quarterback would EVER make an NFL team if they were missing throws by 4+ yards this CONSISTENTLY. There worse part and what seems to happen even more often is when the quarterback throws the ball DIRECTLY TO THE CLOSEST DEFENDER. I've seen it happen and receiver literally 2 yards away. My niece can make this throw 10/10 times. and somehow in this stupid game's programming, they have the ball throw 5 yards behind and to the right straight to a linebacker who was nowhere near the play. This has been happening SINCE MADDEN 17... Why haven't you fixed it? We have complained about it so much and it such an easy fix. Just have quarterbacks miss by a foot, or sometimes a yard. And very RARELY have the miss by maybe 3+ yards and only if their arm is hit while throwing. Why can't you just do that? LIKE SERIOUSLY EA answer me that.
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  • Unless the QB doesn't have feet set or if the QB is being hit or hurried, only see that rarely. And yes, it does happen in the NFL occasionally.
  • Two words... CAM NEWTON!

    I feel your pain. But there are a lot of factors to why QB throws are inaccurate. Like Golladaynn19 said, it's a combination of pressure, your QB's attributes and ratings, whether your QB's feet are set, if it's a cross-body pass, if you're leading the pass or not, the trajectory of the throw, whether you take control of your receiver and attempt to adjust to the pass, etc...

    That said, there was an issue with QB's like Drew Brees leading passes on slants and post patterns too far because of the the way an X-Factor ability was working. That issue was addressed in either the 1.15 or 1.16 patch.

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