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Cheating Mods on PC


is there any work on Fixing the use of Cheating mods on PC?

Solo Battle Mod to get 26k Score 3 free bc CPU team will always Punt on Offensive and only plays Punt block on Defensive side.


Desync mod where you just have to switch the Offensive blocking sheme to Desync after the next play.

I mean that cant be srs that that isnt fixed aber 3 weeks of use if that would be on Console you would fix that **** in 2hours


  • cmon Dev Team react to it!
  • we cannot be in top 100, always the same glitchers win. solo battle we can only go legend...
    and weekend league sometimes some players quit and i got a loss game. i were 12 and cant have 13 this week just for that. winning coins or rewards are for cheaters
  • also I qualify for the superbowl and guess what happen to me... a guy quit before i kick return the ball. superbowl loss...GG
  • but do not get me wrong, it makes me laugh to see so many noobs needing to cheat, glitch or thinking they are some pros coz they play a guy with a 80 to 85 OVR when they run a 90 to 93 OVR team. thats guys need really a patch "not in game" in head!
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