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I would really like to see more of a separation between arcade and simulation modes. I like to make the game as close to reality as possible. This game feels like its moving to fast, no stratagy. Some more field position games would be nice. Why cant you have the old style no huddle in simulation mode? Takes you right out of the game when it cuts back to the line. And you have no real control over clock management, trying to leave as little time for the other team. And why not have the play start by the break of the huddle (like every madden before)and not right on the line; just on simulation mode? I feel like players like me are getting pushed aside for more arcade style(KO!). Why cant it be both ways, why not make everyone happy? At least try..


  • I made the same suggestion for MUT. Why not put 15 scripted plays in a queue like they did 25 years ago in Bill Walsh College Football? That way you could run a tempo offense, come to the line audible out of the play at the line like Manning or Rodgers? Without waiting for some guy to set up a nano blitz where he calls a play and then changes what six individual players do into soming they would never do in real life. Life having a defensive tackle cover Julio Jones because of his unrealistic blitz
  • they wanted players to just jump in and play I dislike the cut scenes it feels commerical it was a fail speeding up the pace.

    If they continued to leave certain rules out the game it will never feel authentic the gameplay should revolve around the rules and madden just isn't there players should be getting ejected by now the challenge system hasn't been touched since it's been input. The weather system sucks in all game modes, the A.I needs a overual, trajectory took a step forward but you still can't make tight window catches DB's should drop more passes no way they should have the same animation as a WR, create more pockets for the QB you add a crazy pass rush but didn't touch up the block shape of the pocket, back to passing why does it look like guys are throw Shots.. continue to upgrade the tackling

    Does Madden feel like the NFL today?
  • Last madden that wasn't an arcade game was Madden 12 smh... I wish we could get a football simulator back.
  • Funny part is during the beta there actually was a pocket. You actually had to step up in pocket for ends trying to turn corner. Then they started tuning and patching game and it's basically Madden 19 again
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