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System Maintenance Glitch

To whomever it may concern,
I was playing Madden 20 in the MUT game option when the game suddenly underwent maintenance. Normally I shut the game down when this occurs due to inconstant game play and laggy/ glitchy servers. Most games would take the system offline while undergoing maintenance to avoid potential issues.

However, tonight caused a new and frankly frustrating issues for myself. I happened to be auctioning off binder items as the maintenance started. This caused me to auction a Rodney Hundson heavyweight card for the minimum 250 credits which (obviously) instantly was bought up. I was trying to remove it from my auctions when it had yet to sell while priced at 70,000 credits, which I had originally posted it at. As I went to update the price the menu froze. Upon it unfreezing, the item was defaulted to the minimum buy now setting and was sold before I even knew what happened.

I have spent hundreds of dollars building my team and meticulously managing my team. I have literally never once priced an item for the minimum (would rather trade in for training points).

I reached out to the live chat help with EA, and then waited 40 minutes for help. I was essentially told to fly a kite. They claimed that auctions are completely on the players and that they take no responsibility for any issues their server maintenance may cause (i.e. the laggy system freezing).

I use a very good internet service and ethernet cable connection. I advise any players to be wise about their decision to invest time, effort, and real world currency into this game. There is essentially no backing from EA for their product. They leave the system online to collect money as they tarnish your experience, rather than taking it down momentarily during maintenance.

Assuming this issue goes unresolved, I myself have played my last EA title and wont be investing further time or money into a product that has gotten by on its namesake for years.
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