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10/7 Content & Make-Right Details

143 posts EA Madden Community Team
edited October 2019
Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Yesterday, we experienced some unforeseen issues related to Flashbacks and LTD Aaron Donald in Madden Ultimate Team. For details, please check out our EA Forum post here.

Players will receive a currency refund of coins, points and/or training on eligible packs purchased in pursuit of the above mentioned content on Monday, October 7th from 10:30AM ET to 11:28AM ET.

Packs Purchased with Training
  • Flashback Pack

Packs Purchased with Coins and/or Points
  • All-Pro Pack (Points/Coins)
  • All Pro Bundle (Points/Coins)
  • Legends Fantasy Pack (Points/Coins)
  • 5x Legends Fantasy Pack (Points)
  • 8x Legends Fantasy Pack (Points)
  • MUTropolis Pack (Points/Coins)
  • Sidekick Bundle (Points)
  • Heroic Bundle (Points)
  • Get a Gold Player Pack (Points/Coins)
  • Gridiron Pack (Points)
  • 5x Get a Gold Player (Points/Coins)
  • 5x Gridiron Bundle (Points)
  • 12x Gridiron Bundle (Points)
  • 24x Gridiron Bundle (Points)
  • Weekly Elite Fantasy Pack

Madden Development Teams are working on getting these make-rights set up at this time. Once the make-rights have been processed, we will update the forum post.

Currently, there is a known issue related to granting draft packs through the make-right system. As a result, the Madden Ultimate Team has opted to grant currency make-rights instead of draft packs for this specific issue to get them out as quickly as possible. In the future, if a similar situations arises, we would grant draft packs instead of currency.

Once the make-rights have been processed, players can contact help.ea.com if they have any issues.

- The Madden Ultimate Team

4:40PM ET UPDATE: All make-rights have been processed. If you have any issues, please contact help.ea.com for assistance.
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  • If you don't admit that LTD Aaron Donald wasn't in packs until 2:30PM EST you're committing outright fraud.
  • Kellz182
    1 posts New member
    This is horrible. I was buying Elite Packs looking for Donald at 1145CT. Guaranteed he wasn't in there yet.

    Thanks for the huge coin loss EA. This is a disgrace. Especially for someone playing this mode since MUT10.
  • I’ll be waiting on it
  • Sp the 500k i spend on Elite player packs are just Ripped?
  • I’m sorry but I believe some sort of proof is needed to console this community. The outcry on Social Media and forums is massive. Personally I do not believe the 10:30-11:28 hype. I see it as a cop-out and with the least impact on the Madden Team and EA. I challenge the amount of packs opened between the Xbox and PlayStation networks versus the timing of one Donald being pulled on each. EA experience massive issues yesterday which again leaves this community thirsty for answers and extremely skeptical especially after the same situation happened less then one week prior. This community deserves more then you are saying and offering. Make it right, please.
  • Sethmanmike
    1 posts New member
    edited October 2019
    This is a bunch of crap the first Aaron Donald was not pulled until 3pm all purchases should be refunded or all should receive make rights. You are stealing money from consumers. You wonder why EA has such a poor reputation. [Edited profanity]
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  • My case number is 51597555 and I was told I would receive all coins back. I got nothing back and now I’m furious. An ea representative should not tell me I’m on the list of players receiving there coins back and then receive nothing.
  • So kinda confused but I a mut hero bundle that was $100 between 10:30-11:00 and I never got my points back and I just spend an hour on the phone with EA support and I got nothing out of it but she told me to post in the forum so now im here. if anyone knows what to do or can help me please contact me!!!!
  • I purchased about 7 legend packs at 120k coin a pop at about 1pm EST...you're telling me I get nothing back? No refund when the first donald pull was at 3pm est?!?!?! Not happy. EA needs to open this window from 9am est till when they did the update and had the server crash which was about 4pm est.
  • Makin_Sausage
    2 posts New member
    edited October 2019
    My email is [Removed personal information]
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  • So am I just SOL on the 1.4M I dropped on packs yesterday when Donald clearly wasn't in packs?
  • The only thing anyone can do is contact Xbox.com/refunds or the the PlayStation network for a refund. Ea help desk only refers you to either this forum where no one responds to the issue or social media for “not winning the challenge” but don’t fret they’ll be “more challenges”. You can’t make this up. EA help desk is seriously caught in between us players and the Madden Team. It’s very unfair to them, they have no clue what we’re talking about. The only thing EA help desk can refund are purchases made directly through Origin.
  • I spent 50$ on a bundle and bought a flashback during the down time for Aaron’s Donald and was told I’d get a make right and have gotten nothing. Went to EA for help and they said to post here and wait ...I’d be nice to get help
  • AirGuy91
    1 posts New member
    Went to EA help they said there was no purchase of any packs in Oct. 7th but I literally have proof with cards in my binder with the date and the source saying pack opening. I used my 600k coins to opened Mutropolis packs on Oct 7th during the slotted time and got no make rights...
  • there is an Internal list of ALL player would get Make rights, just Release the list to us so we can see if we get something or not

    Still that Elite packs dont get refunded are the joke of the year !!!!
  • i bought 2 Legends pack and nothing annunced was in + im waiting my monthly rewards for weekend league ...
  • i bought 2 Legends pack and nothing annunced was in + im waiting my monthly rewards for weekend league ... And I take this opportunity to renew my request of last year. My account EA Iuckystr1ke can not connect to my twitch (oldpathfinder account). so i cant be a twith prime player since 2 years. i want pay but i cant. thanks
  • @Iuckystr1ke Montly rewards going out tomorow like they always do
  • Bullyt wrote: »
    @Iuckystr1ke Montly rewards going out tomorow like they always do

    thanks cool to know
  • j2trizzy
    3 posts New member
    Please can we get make rights for the elite player packs and gold player packs
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