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Routine Server Maintenance Finished - (Thursday, October 10th at 6:30AM ET)

143 posts EA Madden Community Team
edited October 2019

There will be a routine server maintenance early tomorrow morning, Thursday, October 10th starting at 6:30AM ET.

Solo Battles will be gated to protect players from any issues as early as 5:30AM ET and will come back online by 9AM, or once work is complete.

Thank you!

- The Madden Team
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  • EA_Roger
    1482 posts EA Community Manager
    The routine server maintenance is now over, you should be able to access the online modes listed above once again.
  • Can we have H2H Scouting back please? Asking for Thousands of ppl including myself?
  • I lost access to House Rules at 10:30pm last night and checked this morning before work and still could not get in. Same thing happened after scheduled maintenance two weeks ago and I was never able to play it again.

    After clicking it, I get 'Loading...' then 'Saving profile-madden' then blank screen.

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