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Top 100 player looking for a Franchise League

XB1 tag BigGameJamesCW. Not looking for a league with a bunch of goofy rules but want to join something that people are committed to.


  • We got you B text me * We are a skilled competitive league. I am looking for users with good skills, can run a CF team and have experience. We do not run on hardcore SIM RULES. See my details below and text me if interested. If you can not manage a team or cap this is not for you *

    SEASON 2
    WEEK 4

    ** Don't respond If **

    - You quit games
    - Can not manage a team and cap
    - Require special rules to play and complain
    - Need special Requirements outside of my rules below to play in a league.

    #NoHoeShit - We talk a lot of smack in our channels "Need to Have Thick Skin"

    AGE GROUP: 25 - 42 Is average league User Ages


    We have no 4TH down rule - Hurry up and do not require gameplay restrictions except overusing blitzes or nano and spamming cheese plays over and over more than 6-7 times a game. Other than that keep scoring and keep racking up the score "NO QUITTING PERIOD (Stats are important to CFM ADN DEV)".

    Team: http://daddyleagues.com/maddenroyal/team/HOU
    Rules: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YdXD0rDaC4WPS9jzot2MS8Jx9opNuMLPs42gL2msA4M

    TEXT ME DOM VITO | 561-908-3356
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