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10/9 Content | Missing MUT Hero Sidekicks in specific packs

143 posts EA Madden Community Team
edited October 2019
Earlier today, the Madden Ultimate Team identified an issue where the 10/9 MUT Heroes Sidekicks were not available in a couple of packs. The packs impacted were the following:
  • Heroic Bundle
    • 80-81 OVR Sidekick Fantasy Pack (only available as a topper)
    • 85-86 OVR Sidekick Fantasy Pack (only available as a topper)
  • High Sidekick Fantasy Pack (150 Point Offer; Limit of 1)

The Madden Ultimate Team will issue a make-right some time tomorrow for players impacted from today's issue from the time period of Wednesday, October 9th from 10:30AM to 2:26PM ET.

The reason for the delay in make-rights is because there is a known issue related to granting draft packs through the make-right system. This issue should be fixed tomorrow morning, Thursday, October 11th, during the regular server maintenance.

Once the make-rights have been processed, we will update the forum post.

- The Madden Ultimate Team
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  • it wasnt in my pack either but i opened it after the time posted @EA_KRAELO @MaddenUniversity
  • I think its u fair to work hard to get players free but then keep the mut heros top cards out of pack. EA stop being so money hungry
  • tjlee16
    1 posts New member
    Today I had hopped on madden and saw that there was 2 new signature series cards (everson griffin and Evan engram) so I opened 8,900 points to find out after the fact that the ad was taken down and nothing was up advertising anything else I believe there should be a make right for all players affected by this false advertisement
    Case number: 51664175
  • tjlee16
    1 posts New member
    To continue the Vikings are my favorite team
  • This released an announcement for make rights. The issue was between 11:00am and 11:28am, if you opened within that time you are eligible for the make right.
  • I purchased the maximum limit allowed of legend fantasy packs with the advertisement of Aaron Donald on my ultimate team screen. However, his card was not available in packs as said to be in the advertisement. I have not received any compensation for this false advertisement mistake on EA’s part.
  • I purchased a game changer pack and after purchasing the pack it kicked me off ultimate team then there was no pack to open and it took my coins
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