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LTD cards, let us get something straight.

So I just wanna talk about something. Before I start, let me compliment a few things.

#1 20 overall is a much better game.

#2 I feel there is less overall AI solo battle cheating. It still needs work. Exploiters are rewarded with better rewards then those of us who play the game as intended.

Now let me get to the point of this post, and I am going to be as constructive as I can.

I spend big money on madden. Dropped 40k+ on 19 and dropped over 10k on 20.

After spending 10k on 20 I have not gotten ONE limited card. NOT one. Your limited cards are false advertising as even on the AH there are only 1 or 2 cards that say something like 4 out of a million even after alot of time has went by.

Also what packs are these alleged cards in? You need to tell us what packs, and what the % chance is of getting said cards in said packs.

Secondly. Your community hates limited cards this year! We hate them with a passion and everytime I see one I wanna quit. I was Furious when I saw Kittle as a limited today. Do you all understand what I am saying? WE HATE LIMITED CARDS. Take that to the developers and tell them over and over till it sinks in.

Thirdly, Limited cards are going to get your shut down. You are advertising these cards to get people to purchase packs (And I have filmed over 10,000 dollars of pack openings) and they never appear.

Last year it was not so bad cause in 2 weeks we could purchase the training version at least. This year we are simply screwed until the next series, and then we gotta wait till it is somewhat affordable (Like Randy Moss or Deon Sanders will ever be)

People play MUT to make dream teams of their favorite players. You are making it to where even MILLIONAIRES cannot get the cards they want..............Let that sink in. When the reality is even a child should be able to play this game without having "buy packs for a chance at your favorite card" dangled in their face at all times.

I am telling you straight up. Go check how much I have spent EA on this ONE account. If you do not change the way you do limited cards and pull back on your never ending greed, you are going to loose my business and that of many others. This is also going to blow up in your face with Congress and the loot boxes bill.

Listen, I love this game, it is a blast, but you all are killing it with greed and limited cards. EVERYONE HATES IT, and even the rare soul that does pull one basically has to sell it for the millions of coins it goes for.

Not only that in the end this is going to cost you money, because If I can drop 10k and not get a limited, it is going to drive all your customers straight to the coin sellers, and industry which has arisen due to your greed.

Please fix this game. I love it. I love Madden. But this greed is a disgrace and the non stop limited cards are a slap in the face to every customer.

If you do not you will loose my money for years till I get this game free in 10 years and try it again to see if you have stopped the greed.


  • Has this message been relayed to the Developers and people who do these cards?

    Do not destroy a good thing guys, please. Been having lots of fun on my Team NBA2k....just saying (my god their AH is horrid though)

    Make this right.
  • And just to add I know not many people post on the forums, but on twitter they are saying the same things I am every time another "limited" card gets released.
  • Just a reminder for the Developers if you do not check all your social media, your twitter, the forums, or listen to feedback from Community Managers............Your customers HATE Limited Cards especially how we are forced to wait an entire series before we can even upgrade.

    Go back to the Training Method after 2 weeks. You still make money cause we gotta essentially purchase a 91 to get the training to upgrade the card!!!!
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