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They are cheating us

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Admitting to seeing not giving me my make right. Still havent got them.

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  • EA? I know you see this.
  • EA_Roger
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    I've sent feedback on my end to give our agents more guidance in how to proceed with these cases.
    I'm going to be honest here so you can use my reply when contacting support to ensure your case is handled correctly.

    The agent here is wrong, the studio will not be intervening as the make goods have already gone out. This issue indexed is in our Madden Known issues to which our advisors have access. The advisors have access to a list of accounts who have been compensated, and they are also advised how to check the time frame during which the packs were potentially purchased.

    Please contact them again and show them this post.

    Thanks and sorry about that.
  • So where do I go from here? Is anyone able to help or not. Seems like everyone is giving me the run around
  • Contact ea support again. You have the ability to upload documents. Screenshot EA_Rogers reply and upload it when requesting the chat. He’s correct, they do have a list and they will check while on the chat with you. I have contacted them several times and after some coercion they’ve checked the list while on chat with me. I know the frustration, unfortunately I was ineligible for the make right but it seems as though your situation is different. I hope you are able to get your make right.
  • I'm not optimistic
  • Andre they just cannot take a chance that you may get 500 free training that they created out of thin air!

    It really is insane, we are talking about digital items in a video game that do not even exist and they can fix with the stroke of a key, yet they act like you are trying to get a bar of gold from Fort Knox.

    I mean can you imagine owning a business that does 800 million a year on ONE GAME, and the stuff they sale in that game is not even real, literally just ones and zero's and they could make right by everyone instantly.

    That is what bothers me so much about EA, no one is asking for free stuff, they are simply asking for what they paid for and it literally cost them NOTHING to make things right. Heck if anything, it would encourage their customers to spend money knowing that if something happens customer service has their back.

    This my friend is why loot boxes are about to be outlawed.
  • I mean I literally owned a business and retired when I was 29. For me to make right to a customer it cost me money in product (restaurant), but I always did it cause you are only as good as the last meal you sell. I cannot fathom how utterly rich I would be if I could make every customer happy and it not cost me a dime.

    I am talking about EA here not anyone regarding madden specifically and no offense is meant to any of the moderators or customer service, but EA corporate is run by idiots, they have a golden egg to print money, and they are so terrified someone might get free 10 training they are willing to loose customers.

    it literally boggles my mind
  • I spent 2 thousand last year and closing in on 1000 dollars spent this year. Not my loss. They can play hard ball all they want but the bottom line is making money. I will not spend another dime.gc843fsn1qte.jpg
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    2 different moderators 2 different answers? Why the deception EA?
  • I do have to play devils advocate here and please hear me out with an open mind.

    I do agree wholeheartedly with what you are all saying. I myself, does not feel justified with EA about a make right. But, I do know in business, regardless of the type of business when you are trading an item whether that item is tangible or not you cannot give refunds on a whim. Just because the customer challenges the sale does not make it ok to hand out refunds. There are policies and procedures within each company that go over this. When a company starts issuing refunds based on here say with no guidelines then the flood gate is then opened and there will be no stopping the refunds which then makes the business more susceptible to problems.

    EA, held strong on their case revolving around A. Donald. Now, I’m on Twitter and on forums and I see the posts and we all talk within ourselves about how unfair and we then create our own parallel universe of the situation. The reality is we only make up a fraction of a percent of all the players playing. Also, EA stood by without give on the statement released on the issue and the make rights without wavering. That unwavering response puts them in good standing the next time a situation arises with the community. The flip side is if EA had wavered and even gave two players a refund outside of the times stated kick back would have been detrimental. At that point the community could almost prove false advertisement and add discrimination to the offense and then the credibility of EA would really take a hit.

    As hard as I fought with EA for my make right, I respect the fact that they held their ground. If we are going to make digital intangible purchases we need to assume responsibility and expect that it could come with issues. EA does not have to give out make rights at all. I am learning to respect the fact that they do.
  • bbrewer23goblue
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    If you false advertise then yes you do.....period.......how many of us only get packs when LTDs are in.....i know thats the only time i get packs
  • My advice is don’t even rely on EA help. I still haven’t heard back about my pre order bonus that I never received. And it’s been months. EA Help center is a joke for a multi billion dollar company.
  • used chemistry upgrades to get my lesean mccoy to 88 juke move and still can’t get juke box. is that intentional?
  • His stats have to meet the threshold before chems to get the ability
  • Still no resolution. Thanks EA for nothing. Great customer service
  • EA_Roger
    1477 posts EA Community Manager
    Still no resolution. Thanks EA for nothing. Great customer service

    I checked your case the advisor handled your case correctly, he verified your purchase history and was able to confirm that the packs you purchases were outside of the specified window. As such you won't be compensated for this issue.
  • Naaa u are incorrect. Aaron Donald is my favorite player. I was purchasing packs soon as they were available. Your first representative saw it and somehow it changed. Still no resolution to the deception from EA
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    Just a reminder to all
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