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First Year Playing MUT. My Evaluation.

I started playing MUT this year simply because it is the only way to have legends on your team. There are a large variety of legends to earn or buy for your team, which is a positive for me; however, I’m not a fan of how bad these players are to start. I’m not a fan of how players physical abilities are so unrealistically low. I can see having to develop skills, but speed, strength, jump, etc? These traits start off way too low. Other than the player likeness, nothing separates them from acquiring Joe Shmoe or Jerry Rice.

I tried playing some online matchups, but I realized that unless I quit my job, leave my wife, and give my kids up for adoption, I will not be able to invest the ungodly amount of time it takes to build a highly rated team without making micro transactions. Clearly the people I played against housed my Jerry Rice 80 with 80 rated speed and my version of Reggie White that is the equivalent of Tyson Davis... who is Tyson Davis, you ask? Exactly.

I believe that there should be two versions of ultimate team:
(1) Money Mode
(2) Point Mode

Those Playing in Money Mode will not be able to play against anyone who does not use micro transactions.

The players in Points Mode will not be able to compete, other than in exhibition that does not count for anything, against money teams. This can eliminate the amount of time and points users in non-money mode have to dedicate to building their players and teams.

Let’s face it, EA is either making the challenge of building a team so difficult without points that you cave and just spend the money... or they make it difficult in order to make it fair to people who spend the money.

The idea of MUT is a good one, and they put a lot of effort into making it very diverse. But until they decide to separate it into two modes, it will be very flawed and frustrate many Madden players.
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