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EA Help is useless. After hours 5+ hrs with them, apparently a Dev answering me here is my only hope

After all the constant fake assurances of being able to help, all EA Help did was push me toward oblivious non solutions.

Problem 1.
No House - Rules Double Trouble
Transcripts of Chat #2 and it's the same as Chat #1 and 3.
Rudra (10/8/2019, 1:13:09 PM): I will personally taking it as feedback and will ensure to forward it to our seniors so that the feedback is communicated to concerned team. I hope that our studio team reviews your feedback so that this issue can be resolved quickly and you can enjoy your game soon.
Rudra (10/8/2019, 1:13:54 PM): Also i will request you to please post a issue on EA forums so our community managers can know all about it and keep a screenshot of that with you

Rudra (10/8/2019, 1:18:27 PM): Our team will let all the players know about it via the social media channels so please keep an eye on them for latest updates.

Why wasn't House Rules-Double Trouble available for me after maintenance was said to begin and end? Why aren't there 'make rights' for those mistakes, they're available for all others. The last House Rules I lost 24hours out of the 72hours because it became unavailable as well.

This game should be fare to all players. Not just the ones the code deems to be able to play and earn content.

Problem 2.
Missing Monthly Weekend League Reward
1 hour on the phone trying to get my monthly weekend league rewards that never populated into my account. EA Help finally found my content, displaying I indeed earned it but apparently since they can't prove I don't have it already, cannot give it to me.... WHAT? What is the point of a 'Missing Content' help contact if you don't provide someone with their missing content. This after I've already given a sworn statement, stating if I'm lying that I'd be banned or something.

Where is the actual Help from EA? Is this forum and the lottery of a Dev actually helping the only way we can achieve a solution to an issue?

Each team I contact literally pushes toward oblivious information. EA-Help pushes toward waiting on Twitter for information or Posting on the Forum. Twitter @EASPORTS_MUT has links to EA-Help which literally after talking to you, points you right back to @EASPORTS_MUT.

So where is the help? Will I ever get any, does anyone ever get any?


  • Moonreaver11
    392 posts Member
    edited October 2019
    the sad thing is that it cost them NOTHING to create a pack of cards out of thin air. It literally cost them NOTHING to fix an issue or give a pack to a customer rather then loose them.
  • When the game first came out I tried for 5 days to contact EA because I didn’t get my pre-order bonuses. Still haven’t heard back from them and I still never got my bonus. EA help is a joke
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