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Lamar Jackson Fumble Rate- Ridiculous



  • > @EA_Blueberry said:
    > @Bazard5000
    > Even though Lamar hasn't fumbled that much this season, with his incredible agility already it helps reduce the chances of players going for those extra 3-4 yards. There has to be a fine balance between real life and game balance. If Lamar didn't fumble you would see players running dives up the middle without any risk of turning the ball over.

    I understand having a balance but there's no reason regular wrap up tackles should be what cause those fumbles. Hit sticks, strips, and gang tackles cool but the basic wrap up tackle is trash and too often results in a TD going the other way even in the pocket and if you're not scrambling for yards just trying to extend the play by avoiding the rush. I hit other qbs fumble way less in the pocket even though he has the higher carry.
  • DIGGZ22T
    7 posts New member
    I agree fumble needs to fixed for QBs. But they need to do something about a qb rolling out standing there for 5 seconds then laughing a 60 bomb that's dead on.
  • DIGGZ22T
    7 posts New member
    Sorry launching
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