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Online CFM Issue

Having an issue with my online CFM. One of my users has not been able to pick a play when trailing late in 4th quarter with under 1 minute. It’s happened to him twice both times he was losing late in the game starting his drive somewhere around his 20 yard line. Both games he got sacked trying to go for a deep ball then calls timeout. On the ensuing plays he can’t pick a play and keeps getting called for delay of game. Please take a look at this issue. I’ve included links to both YouTube streams the 1st game it happens 59 minutes and 44 seconds into his stream. 2nd game it happened at 52 minutes and 41 seconds into the stream.

FEBREZEY’s Live PS4 Broadcast vs loins BC

FEBREZEY’s Live PS4 Broadcast vs panthers BC


  • Game6ix
    2 posts New member
    is he running a custom playbook? sometimes it does that if i add a play that might have an issue.
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