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Changing from pass to run during gameplay

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This is the first time I'm playing Madden on PC using an Xbox controller. My problem is and there probably is a way I just haven't figured it out yet, during gameplay I'm running a play but next down I want to throw I can't find where I can switch to passing formations. If I start with running I'm stuck having to stay running all my plays or vise versa with passing. I'm used to the Playstation 4 game and controllers, has the selection of plays changed from Madden 18? I skipped 19 cause I was having issues with the PC version so I got a refund and never tried it again. Thanks for any help!


  • When you call your first offensive play of the game, you have an option of calling plays by formation, play type, etc... Once you make a selection, that selection is used for the remainder of the game UNLESS you back all the way out using the B button on XBox (O on PS4) and make the selection again...

    I ALWAYS CHOOSE FORMATION. That selection allows me to seamlessly navigate between runs and passes from the same formations and imitates how I've selected plays for my entire Madden life since 1991.

    Hope this helps,

  • debgram
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